Laga Handbags Founders Latest Trip to Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia


Laga Handbags 10 year anniversary August 2016, wow!
What an amazing trip we had to Indonesia to meet with our team there, including visits to Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Aceh Province! We consider it such a blessing to work with and for the tsunami survivors we serve in Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. We have our challenges that’s for sure and we are working through each one, but in the end, we continue to forge ahead in an effort to keep Laga fruitful in our efforts to meet the needs of those we serve.

Meeting with our team was so delightful. It was difficult knowing that we had only limited time to meet them + spend to time with them. The language barrier is always an issue but we do have a faithful team who takes care of every detail during our stay.

Communication being a challenge, I did manage to get pictures of a few of the beautiful people who make our amazing Laga handbags + accessories…DSC_0007






We met with a delegation of local government officials in Aceh who have shown us interest at the prospect of getting involved with Laga + perhaps subsidizing our project. Finally. After nearly ten years! We talked about our needs + what we would like to accomplish for their people. They expressed their respect of our work + their willingness to help us in whatever way they can. We know it will take time but we are certainly hopeful. All in all our meeting was successful + we are looking forward to what the future holds!

Laga Tsunami Handbags Beginnings Story


While in Aceh + as luck would have it we were driving on bumpy roads when another earthquake struck the western coast of Sumatra, about 1,000 miles southeast of where we were – such a scary time for these people who seem to continually have to deal with earthquakes + tsunami warnings. According to internet source Wikipedia,

“On 2 March 2016, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck in the Indian Ocean, approximately 800 kilometers [500 miles] southwest of Sumatera in Indonesia. Tsunami warnings were issued for Indonesia and Australia, but were withdrawn two hours later.” And, thankfully, ” it is now known that there were no deaths directly related to the earthquake.”

In Aceh, although we were not affected, we so appreciated all of our friends + family who reached out to us expressing their concern for our safety.

Here is a link that gives more details about that quake according to We are so thankful that there was no loss of life, given the magnitude of this quake. Unfortunately, Indonesia one of the countries located in the Pacific Ring of Fire which suffers from frequent seismic activity. We always keep them in our prayers.


We finally were able to visit the Tsunami Museum while in Aceh… for the first time! I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for us to get there but only to say that, whenever in town, we are always so busy! This place brought back many feelings + emotions of the times we spent there but feel so blessed to have been able to create something good out of such a horrendous situation… It is our hearts’ desire to make a difference in the lives of those we serve as well as in their community.

curly-line-separatorI took very specific video this time around to show off, in detail, how our Laga handbags are made. I posted this video of our project manager sewing on her treadle [pedal, non-electric] sewing machine, doing free motion quilting, by memory, + it’s gone kind of viral on Facebook! To date, we have over 48,ooo views on FB alone! And the number keeps increasing as people share it. And you can see it also on our YouTube channel – it is totally worth it!! We want to continue spreading the word + sharing with the world the unbelievable skill + talent of those who make our beautiful Laga handbags + accessories. So we encourage you to VIEW it, LIKE it + SHARE it with everyone you can.


We are excited to be introducing some new ideas for Laga… although we are not prepared to show all of what we have with you right now, here are a few sneak previews of some new patterns + colors we will be incorporating into our products:



Version 2


Version 2

What do you think so far? Changes + new ideas take a long time to develop but we are hoping to bring them to fruition this year!


We did spend some time in Jakarta + Yogyakarta (both which are on the island of Java) as well, because we need help fulfilling the production needs in Aceh. So we are soliciting the help of others in these areas. We are hopeful that we will be able to increase our production but, in order to do that, we will need to make another trip back to Aceh soon.

Thank you for your prayers + thoughts for us as we continue this endeavor! We hope to change many more lives… one handbag at a time!

— –L


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