New Year 2011 Update from Hanna

Happy New Year to all the Laga Hangbags fans and followers!

We just received this update from Hanna in Aceh, she sent us some pictures of her eventful Christmas and some delicious food!

Who is Hanna?

Hanna is the project manager overseeing sewing activities for Laga Designs International, Inc. in Banda Aceh, Sumatera, Indonesia. With her sewing skills Hanna is able to produce Acehnese traditional handbags which are known for its sewing-complexity.

She is committed to the vision of educating Acehnese women to increase their self-confidence and skills, which will in turn help them regain financial independence. Hanna conducts monthly handbag training courses for women who are all excited to then use their new skills. Building this confidence is valuable for their future. Laga is proud to have Hanna on its team.

From Hanna:

Happy New Year 2011!!

“Hopefully this year can be filled with hope that will benefit us all. Our handbags team in Aceh celebrated the new year with friends and family. We may not have had bonfires or trumpets, but we did have fellowship and thats enough to make us thankful for our past and continue with high spirits for our future. After we exchanged gifts we ate dinner and sung karaoke till 1 AM. We had so much fun!”

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