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Our Mission

We at Laga Handbags believe that women who are empowered become solutions to poverty, poor health, and vulnerability for their families and within their communities. Incredible potential is reached with the benefit of support, financial resources, and ongoing encouragement.

We believe that when products are made with integrity, we can change the world and we believe that when we do it all with love, we can make life better for everyone.

Laga Handbags has tried to harness the power toward proactive change through enriching the lives of tsunami survivors in Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia in an effort to promote the economic and social empowerment of women (and men) through the formation of our self-sustaining project from which we take no profit for ourselves.

Laga Handbags provides education through training and a platform for social reform, enabling women to become powerful agents of economic and societal transformation within their community.

When you know where something comes from, and who made it, that something becomes more meaningful. More valuable. And it can encourage you to be thoughtful in how you use it. We feel that sentiment and care should be extended to the people we work with and for, so we strive to ensure you that we support human rights, social justice, uphold ethical and fair trade systems, and offer fair wages and safe working conditions. Everyone deserves to be treated with integrity.

Laga Defines Ethical Fashion: employing women in a specific ethnic group, made without animal components and do absolutely no animal testing, profits going directly to the people who make our products, handmade in a developed country and offered fair wages, contributing in preserving the traditions of an ethnic minority. The product itself raises awareness and promotes an ideal/cause.

We feel that ours is truly an important work, bringing forth an awareness of exceptional talent and skill by our gifted artisans, but which also has affected change for those entrusted to us for the last ten years.

Discover Laga.  Nurture your happiness and help people around the world. Laga will make you look and feel amazing, inside and out. Transform the way you think about buying. Begin with Laga. Buy Differently. Buy with heart.

Our hope is that you will be compelled to come alongside to support our work with and for the tsunami survivors we serve.


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