Pink Handbags Promotion Extended

In the late fall, Roy read an article about (actor) Liam Neeson promoting pink handbags for breast cancer in the UK. Roy decided to do the same, but in America.

Neeson lost his mother-in-law’s sister to breast cancer. Roy has lost two sisters to cancer.

Two. As if losing one sister to cancer wasn’t heartbreaking enough.

Pink Handbags Event Extended

The event was supposed to run the full month of October. Except, we didn’t have the heart to stop.

So we’re going to continue until our entire current inventory of pink handbags is gone.

When every last pink handbag currently in stock is gone, a percentage of the proceeds from all of the ink handbag sales during the event will be donated to cancer support and research for a cure.

Pink Handbags Are Selling Out Fast

A lot of the bags are sold out, and we appreciate every sale because it helps support those who are affected and have been affected by cancer and breast cancer.

Pink Handbags

If you love pink handbags, and you like saving money, you can view the remaining pink handbags here:

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to all those who have purchased pink handbags.