Embroidered Bags with Heart

“I love this bag (Harapan medium)! I have been the proud owner now for over 3 years, and it is still beautiful! I was concerned it would not hold up since I am very hard on my purses. It has withstood the test of time. I am a LAGA owner for life!”
–Laura Ryan

Handbags are one of the essential wardrobe pieces that you just can’t live without. When you choose a Laga handbag you make a conscious choice to not only add a unique dimension to your wardrobe but to engage in the highest form of love, kindness, and beauty. Laga has changed the lives of some of the most vulnerable women in the world after they suffered from the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami that decimated Indonesia. These artisans take great care in making a unique piece of historical art. Each embroidered bag is custom designed on pedal-driven, non-electric treadle machines and lined with luxurious synthetic silk-satin. The unique embroidery is hand guided with patterns that have been passed down for generations. Laga handbags support ethical fashion, as well as vegan and cruelty-free materials.

From “Damai” (peace), “Sehat” (healthy), to “Percaya” (believe), each and every single Laga handbag makes a difference and provides hope for tsunami survivors in Indonesia. Proceeds from each purchase directly benefit the artisans, their families, and communities. Creative, authentic, attractive and organic, each embroidered bag sewn and sold provides renewed hope for a better tomorrow.Your handbag is not only beautiful, it’s one of a kind.

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