Handmade Travel Bags

“I’ve had many designer bags from Kate Spade, Coach and my Louis Vuitton. It’s crazy to me how many more compliments I get with my Laga handbag. I have had stranger literally stop me on the street and even a bathroom to ask where I got my bag. It’s when I tell them the story of how these bags have come to exhist. Everyone loves the story behind these bags. My bag is beautifully handcrafted and with quality materials. I truly love it.”
–Sueann Garson, Temecula, CA

Laga travel bags are perfect for any getaway. Travel in style with our Kuat or Mulia travel bags. Each travel bag is handmade in Sumatra, Indonesia. These skilled and talented artisans are  survivors of the 2004 Tsunami that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. They are sewn on pedal-driven, non-electric treadle machines. The unique patterns are hand guided from memory. Each is a reflection of the artistry that has been passed down for generations. Because of this, no two bags are alike. Our Kuat (strong) and Mulia (noble) handbags are named  to represent a symbol of hope for all. With each purchase, we strive to provide education, training and empowering  the artisans, their families, and their communities.

Made with vegan materials and free from animal testing they are the ultimate ethical fashion accessory.  In spite of their size, these travel bags are extremely light-weight and easy to carry. Each is custom designed with fashion-conscious color schemes. Be the envy of everyone when you travel. Our mission is to provide education through training, empowering women to become productive citizens within their community.

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