The Green Scarf

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The runaway best-selling book, and subsequent movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” follow the exploits of a hopeless shopping addict who really wants to be a fashionista, Rebecca Bloomwood. Though she had access to countless shoes, dresses and accessories, her green scarf held special significance to Rebecca and she always felt the drive to wear it. In fact, as “The Girl in the Green Scarf,” she sought to build a career out of this fashion piece and it became her signature item that she identified so closely with.

Laga and the Green Scarf

Like Rebecca’s eye-catching green scarf, your Laga accessories immediately differentiates you from everyone else. The name Laga embodies heart, beauty, love, kindness and charity. Whether you choose one of their handbags, travel bags, wallets or accessories, one look at a Laga product tells you — and those around you — that this company is different. With a variety of stylish options to suit any need that you might have, Laga ticks all the boxes that you insist on in an effort to retain your high level of fashion sense. Hand-made. High-quality materials. Meticulous attention to detail. Simply delicious color combinations. Unique patterning. And the list goes on.

The Essential Laga

Of course, your handbag, wallet and travel bag are essential pieces in your wardrobe that you simply cannot live without. When you choose a Laga, though, you make a conscious choice to not only add a unique dimension to your wardrobe but to engage in the highest form of love, kindness and beauty. Laga is a company that is exceptionally different from any other across the globe. Laga has changed the lives of some of the most vulnerable women in the world after they suffered from the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day earthquake and tsunami that decimated Indonesia. It is estimated that more than 185,000 of the 285,000 people who died in the catastrophe were from one province: Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Laga Difference

Determined to help make a difference amid the aftermath and devastation caused by this horrific natural disaster, Laga was born. Focused on ideas and creations that are steeped in the rich history of Indonesia, Laga funnels 100 percent of its profits back into the communities where people still struggle to pick up the pieces more than a decade later. In a country where pride in one’s work is coupled with a dedication to sew each stitch so that it is perfect comes a line of essential fashion pieces that you can feel good about purchasing. The ethics that are upheld and present in each Laga handbag, travel bag and wallet are evident. By using only vegan materials and never employing any animal testing, Laga is as kind to the world’s creatures as it is to the women and their families that benefit as well. Laga is the kind of company that lets you seamlessly combine your love of fashion with your desire to make te world a better place. Browse through their beautiful collections and find your next signature piece!