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    Tari Large Handmade Cosmetic Bag Vegan Embroidered


    Tari Large Handmade Cosmetic Bag Vegan Embroidered


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    Tari Large handmade cosmetic bag vegan embroidered by Laga

    Laga handmade vegan embroidered Tari Large Cosmetic Bag
    “dance” also makes a perfect clutch or organizational insert for your favorite Laga Handbag. Same nylon-polyester material and thread is easy to keep clean. Just wipe down with mild soap and water on a clean, soft cloth.

    Inside you will find the same beautiful synthetic silk-satin lining. Don’t worry, it washes out nicely. The exterior exhibits the same signature Laga style embroidery that people have come to love and adore. A quality piece that will show your friends what kind of great taste you have.

    Dimensions: 4.5″H x 8″L x 3.5″W

    Laga Handbags gives all of its profits back to the skilled and talented artisans who make all of our handbags and accessories. We use no animal products. We do no animal testing. Our mission is to provide education through training, empowering women to become productive citizens within their community.

    When you know where something comes from, and who made it, that something becomes more meaningful. More valuable. And it can encourage you to be thoughtful in how you use it. We feel that sentiment and care should be extended to the people we work with and for. So we strive to ensure you that we support human rights, social justice, uphold ethical and fair trade systems. And we offer fair wages and safe working conditions. Everyone deserves to be treated with integrity. We believe that when products are made with integrity, we can change the world.

    We believe that when we do it all with love, we can make life better for everyone.

    Laga handmade vegan embroidered bag

    Our hope is that you will be compelled to come alongside to support our work with and for the tsunami survivors we serve.

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