Tsunami victims stories

Fakhrurrazi’s Story

I have been content being raised in a modest peasant family and living in a small village in North Aceh.

For the most part, I have lived a good life. However, a sad time for our family was when we lost my brother during the war in Aceh in 2002; he was gunned down by hot lead bullets. That was a very difficult time in my life.

However, if we can feel peace in our land, that’s enough for me to understand how my brother’s death is a part of God’s plan and his amazing grace.

Although most of our large family make a living from agriculture (planting and harvesting rice) in which I also partake. But I am also very pleased to sew. I have been making the large zip wallets for Laga for about 2 years now. Because of my work for Laga, I can provide for myself, buy things for my household and even save a little bit.

I never have had a big dream for my future, but I do live by a motto that tomorrow will be better than today. And I hope that God will always bless my family.

Thara Miranda’s Story

It is very hard for me to express what is in my heart. I cannot hear anything nor speak any word. I was born in blind and deaf condition.

My father, mother and sisters are gone because of the big flood of Tsunami. I am still here because my father told me to go upstairs and stay in the second floor of our house. Sometimes I wish I have gone with them.

I have been living with my aunt since three years ago after the tsunami. What an empty life that I have; without any sound and light, without the presence of the people I love.

However, I am grateful God has sent people who really cared about me. They were my teachers from school and also some people from NGO who help the handicap people like me.

I have been in handbags Training Program for two weeks with the other handicap friends. Sometimes I do not understand the lesson that is being taught by the trainers, but I will not give up. I must keep on studying.


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