AQS Lancaster: 2 more days!

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We have been having so much fun at AQS QuiltWeek Lancaster this week! In spite of the crazy snow storm, we were so please to find a nice-sized crowd at the show! It’s hard to believe there are only TWO DAYS left!

Thank you so much to those who have supported Laga Handbags thus far this year – we have so enjoyed seeing our long-time friends and making new ones!

In your honor, we have featured some of you here:

Gwynne Geyer, Metropolitan Opera Singer and professor at Franklin & Marshall College Artist in Residence, has recently become a staunch supporter of Laga! Thank you for your support, Gwynne! This Pintar cross body in black/grey must be your…. 4th Laga bag?

This beautiful mother-daughter team has been a part of our Laga family for many years! Jeanne, can’t wait for you to receive your Besar in burgundy/black in the mail! Jeanne Garber (holding Rajin in burgundy/black) and mama Linda McCuean – thank you for always being so supportive! We appreciate you both!

Susan Stokes is now finally in the “family” after having seen us several years. Your Ria Plus cross body in black/brown looks fab on you, girl!

This cute Paspor small cross body in dark blue/cream is one of several Laga bags that Sharyn Franck owns. We appreciate your support so much, Sharyn!

Hey, Kathy Lindahl! You picked a really special Laga bag! That Sehat in burgundy/cream fits you like a glove – thank you for your support! Love to meet new Laga friends and welcome them into our family!

Another of our wonderful and faithful mother-daughter teams, what a blessing! They each have several Laga bags – mama is shown here wearing the Pintar cross body she purchased last year, Sandra Miland was wearing the same Pintar but in dark blue/black that she bought last year but this year the Mudah in black/batik and matching Saku pouch were her picks – must be her 5th Laga bag? What a blessing to have you both in our Laga family!

It was such a pleasure to meet and have a heartwarming discussion with this adorable couple, Russ and Lisamarie Mikkola, who have served in the mission field in Haiti. How awesome to meet like-minded servants who have a heart for the Lord! Thank you for your support! We hope to see you much more in the future! Lisamarie is holding the Uang small fold wallet in black/red/yellow and Russ is proud to sport the Tenang in the same color combination. Beautiful!

What a blessing it is to come out and visit with you all! I hope you will contact us and/or post on Facebook and Instagram about how much you love your new Laga Handbags and Accessories! We sure would love it if you do!

We look forward to seeing more of you in these last couple of days of the show – we still have lots to choose from  because this year we brought enough inventory for TWO SHOWS!








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