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    If Blue is her favorite color…


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    February 9th

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    Gifts she will love!

    Here are some perfect picks for your Valentine!

    Besar “great” to be carried proudly on her arm        Harapan “Hope” is one of our most popular handbags

    Selalu “always” our popular zippered shoulder bag       Rajin “diligent” use it as a small travel bag


    Lots of options for her

    Many shapes and sizes, all in our beautiful blue color combination

    Give Selalu “always,” perfect for every day

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    Tenang in Red, White and Blue – how Patriotic!
    **If this doesn’t show up on our website, give us a call to order!!
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    Give Harapan “hope,” the best gift of all
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    Feel free to browse our website and check out our amazing product line. Each piece is lovingly handmade, all of the embroidery is hand-guided by memory on non-electric “treadle” machines and constructed by hand, individually. Each is a piece of art and no two are alike.

    The quality of all our LAGA handbags and accessories is top-notch, we use the best materials and hardware available in-country and we stand behind every handbag and accessory we offer.

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