International Women’s Day!



It is such an honor for us to acknowledge this global day

MARCH 8, 2018

dedicated to celebrating women!

We are blessed to work with and for women who are making a difference in our world, making it a better place for us all!

Laga Handbags is dedicated to YOU!

We appreciate YOU!

In Honor of International Women’s Day,
please enjoy 30% off our entire stock TODAY!

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In less than two weeks, Laga Handbags will be traveling out to see you again! One of the ways we enjoy meeting our friends and customers is by visiting some of the shows closer to your home. We always make it a point to offer a discount to our special friends so, when you come into our booth, be sure to mention that you are on our email list and you will receive a Free Gift!

This is just our way of saying “Thank You for your Faithfulness!”


We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the following shows this year!

Coming up NEXT WEEK, Laga Handbags will be exhibiting at one of our favorite areas of the country!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania – March 21-24

Each year, we love, Love, LOVE coming to Lancaster! Exhibiting at this quilt show is always amazing and we are really looking forward to seeing our wonderful customers/friends!

AQS QuiltWeek Lancaster 
Lancaster County Convention Center
Laga booth #1118 
25 S Queen Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

Wed, March 21 – 9am to 6pm
Thu, March 22 – 9am to 6pm
Fri, March 23 – 9am to 6pm
Sat, March 24 – 9am to 4pm

For more information about the show, click here.

What a wonderful time to visit Lancaster! One of my very favorite things about coming to this city is Lancaster Central Market, the country’s oldest farmers’ market, in the heart of Amish country, chock-full of regional food specialties. Check out the “chow chow” and fresh fruit and vegetables sold throughout, Zig’s Bakery’s handmade scones, S Clyde Weaver’s amazing meats, cheeses and dips, and the Lancaster Salad Company where they toss fresh ingredients to make the best salad ever.

Whenever I come out to Lancaster, I try to drive out to the cute little town of Lititz. Here are my recommendations:

You must stop and get a homemade pretzel at Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery. Visit the always beautiful and serene Lititz Spring Park. Bring your pretzel here and just sit on a bench and enjoy the view. This is also the home of Lititz Welcome Center and Train Station.

My fave diner in town, although there are several great places to dine, is Tomato Pie Cafe – known for (what else?) their family recipe of Tomato Pie! Deliciously seasoned red tomatoes are baked in a flaky pie crust, covered with a rich cheesy topping! OMG… it’s what I get whenever I visit Lititz.

Wilbur Chocolate Store is also not to be missed. This is where the “original” chocolate buds (before Hershey’s kisses got famous) are made. And since the quilt show in Lancaster is held in March, it’s the perfect time to stock up on chocolate Easter gifts for your loved ones!

But make sure you plan to set aside some of your shopping dollars for our Laga Handbags booth and please do not forget to mention our Laga Handbags Blog Appreciation Offer and let us show you how much we do value you being on our mailing list!

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MQX New England – April 11-14

We are so excited to announce that, for the Very First Time, Laga Handbags will be exhibiting at MQX New England! Having exhibited at their Midwest show in Springfield, IL two years in a row, we know that we are going to enjoy meeting all the long-armers in Manchester, NH!

MQX New England
Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown
Laga booth #192
700 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03101

Wed, April 11 – 7:00pm to 9:30pm (Preview Night)
Thu, April 12 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
Fri, April 13 – 10:00am to 6:00pm
Sat, April 14 – 10:00am to 5:00pm

For more information about the show, click here

 Since we have never been to New Hampshire or its surrounding areas, we don’t have any recommendations of places we love. But we’ll be checking out Trip Advisor and trying some of their recommended attractions!

And remember, when you do come visit our booth at  MQX New England, please make sure to mention our Laga Handbags Blog for a Special Gift for those of you who are on our email list!

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Paducah, KY – April 18-21

Immediately following MQX New England, we will be making our way down to the biggest and best quilt show in the East: AQS QuiltWeek Paducah!  And, of course, that’s the reason you will find Laga Handbags here!!!

**Please Note: We Have Moved! We are no longer in the Pavilion … you will now find us in the Expo Center! And we do NOT have a corner booth this time so it might be a little more difficult to find us but if you have some trouble, remember that we will have an ad in the Show Book!!

AQS QuiltWeek Paducah
Schroeder Expo Center
Laga booth #1109
415 Park Avenue
Paducah, Kentucky 42001

Tue, April 17 – 7pm to 9pm (Preview Night)

Wed, April 18 – 9am to 6pm
Thu, April 19 – 9am to 6pm
Fri, April 20 – 9am to 6pm
Sat, April 21 – 9am to 4pm

For more show information, click here

What a wonderful time to visit Paducah! Quilters and others alike will also enjoy visiting The National Quilt Museum, take a stroll along the river to enjoy the flood wall “Wall to Wall Murals” and maybe even get a glimpse of the Mississippi Queen River Boat as it sails by. And do enjoy a Night with Ricky Tims (musician/quilter) at the Carson Center on April 20.

As far as dining goes, Paducah does not disappoint in its variety of restaurants and eateries. Some of our faves are Flamingo Row (ask for Crash because she’s the best!), Tribeca known for its amazing Mexican cuisine, Kirchhoff’s Bakery which is open mainly for breakfast and lunch and features highly recommended Weekly Specials, JP’s Bar & Grill (same owners as Tribeca) which has live music and features Happy Hour from 5-7pm every day.

There is also lots of amazing shopping opportunities all around town as well so we know you will have a great time!

We, at Laga Handbags, would be so pleased to have you come visit us in Paducah to attend this fabulous show and to help support us as we endeavor to continue our work with and for our beautiful and talented artisans in Aceh. When you do, please mention our Laga Handbags Blog and our Free Gift offer exclusively for those of you who are on our email list!

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Since 2006, Laga Handbags has been a source of hope for survivors of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, the most deadly natural disaster of our lifetime wherein over 285,000 lives were lost.

Laga Handbags was formed solely to provide help where help was desperately needed. And now, nearly 12 years later, we are so thankful that daily life has somewhat returned to normalcy, in part, due to our efforts there.

We continue to provide income and education, and to establish empowerment for the women of Aceh province after such devastating loss. Whether it be in our workshop, in village co-ops, in existing factories or in their individual homes, the women (and men) who make Laga Handbags and Accessories have received, and will continue to receive, our support so that they are able to maintain a better life than how we found them.

Thank you so much for your faithful support as we work to make a difference in the world. We would absolutely not be able to do what we do without YOU. And we appreciate your help so, so much!


Roy and Louise van Broekhuizen


Laga Handbags

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Our Laga Showroom is located in Long Beach, California and, if you would like, you are  certainly welcome to come and visit us! We usually have items in our Showroom that are not online. But please remember: visits to our Showroom will not be honored without an appointment, so please give us a call to schedule a date and time for your visit! Call us toll free at 888.LAGA.BAG (524.2224) or call locally 562.421.7619. If you’d rather, feel free to send us an email at customercare (at) lagahandbags (dot) com

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Online is a great way to do all of your shopping! Laga Handbags and Accessories is no different! Our amazing products can be found HERE so feel free to start NOW! There are lots of styles and color combinations to choose from and we always keep a good selection in stock for you. If you happen to have any questions, we are always happy to receive your call toll free at 888.LAGA.BAG (524.2224) or locally 562.421.7619, or send us an email at customercare (at) lagahandbags (dot) com



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