Rice Planting/Harvesting Season

rice fieldsp

Aceh is now in the throes of rice planting season or as they call it “musem blang” which occurs during the rainy time there. Rice fields (or paddies as they are sometimes called) are being prepped, tilled, plowed, mixed and leveled. Rice grows best in flooded conditions, hence the rainy season. And since Indonesia is the 3rd largest producer of rice, it stands to reason that it is a very important time of the year for their income. Indonesia is the leader in world consumption, producing over 64M metric tons each year, so it is also a very important food source for them.

Harvest “musem bluah” usually occurs after 105-150 days of growth, when the stalks turn yellowish in color and ready for cutting, stacking, handling, threshing, cleaning and hauling. Many people are needed to accomplish this vital task.

And therefore, even our Laga Handbags artisans, take this time off to work on their families’ fields to plant and then eventually harvest rice. Due to the high cost of machinery, most of the work is done manually, using sickles and knives. And it takes about 40-80 hours per hectare (nearly 2.5 acres or 10,000 square meters) to harvest.


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