MQX New England: Two More Days


What a blessing it has been to exhibit at MQX New England for the Very First Time! We have met so many wonderful people here! We’ve seen some familiar faces as well as many, many new ones that we can proudly say who are now added to our Laga Family!

Thank you to all who have supported Laga Handbags thus far – we have enjoyed every minute! And a huge “Thank YOU!” to Janet-Lee for encouraging us to vend at this show! JL and Mary (gotta take time to get a pic of those amazing girls!) put on a beautiful show – amazing quilts (gotta get time to take pics of those, too!) – and, from what I hear, some pretty awesome classes! 700 students!

As I always try to do, I’ve included a few photos (there are tons more) of some of you who were not too shy to let me take your picture:

Cathy Dyckman and Rada Elegant… such fun ladies! (And I found out they run a show up in Cape Cod. Yay!) Cathy couldn’t decide between two Laga bags so, with the help of Fay Labanaris (I’ll try and include a pic of her in my next post), she bought them both! Damai handbag in silver/pink and Pagi large  shoulder bag in black/red/yellow. It was so good meeting you both! Thank you for your support!

Leanne Brunelle also couldn’t decide between two bags so she also purchased both! Aren’t they cute? Paspor small cross body in dark blue/cream and Pagi small handbag in black/cream. Thank you for your generosity, Leanne!

Karen Magnant has been buying Laga bags for quite a while. She came in wearing her Bunga dark blue/black cross body and came in to the show to purchase a few more! Harapan small shoulder bag in silver/pink and dark blue/black, as well as a small wallet (not shown) Uang small fold dark blue/black to match! Thank you for your faithful support, Karen!

Tracy Kennedy came back again and again to choose just the perfect combination! Tenang shoulder bag in black/cream and matching wallet Uang large zip. We appreciate you, Tracy!

Lori Bessette was really happy with her choice of Laga handbags: Selalu shoulder bag in dark blue/black. Thank you so much, Lori!

Estelle Banks loves her new Hidup handbag in black/cream! We hope you will love your Laga bag for many years to come, Estelle!

Ginny Canning spent some time looking around before she made her final decision – isn’t it perfect? She looks great with her new Pagi large shoulder bag in brown/red/cream! Thank you for your support, Ginny!

And although there are many more, I’ll end here with Bethanne Nemish for whom we had a very special “special” handbag made in her fave colors – and chose this beautiful wallet to add to her collection: Uang large fold in black/pink/white. We appreciate you so much, Bethanne!

Our visit with you all has been pretty fantastic as you can see by all the pics! We hope you will contact us and/or post on Facebook and Instagram about how much you love your new Laga Handbags and Accessories! We sure would appreciate it if you would!

We look forward to seeing more of you in the next two days!

MQX New England
Laga Handbags Booth #192
700 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire

Friday, April 13 – 9am to 6pm
Saturday, April 14 – 9am to 5pm





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