Recap of MQX Quilt Festival


Our Very First Time in New Hampshire was a huge success, thanks to all of YOU! We were overwhelmed by your love and support! We just had to include pictures of some more of you with your new Laga Handbags and Accessories:


1. Carla Berno: Tenang shoulder bag and match wallet Uang large fold in black/cream 2. Barbara Keegan: Harapan small shoulder bag in brown/cream 3. Dona McKenzie: Harapan small shoulder bag in black/grey 4. Joan Sullivan: Eyeglass case in blue/red/white, Pagi small handbag in burgundy/cream, Mudah cross body in dark blue/cream 5. Joka Quigley: Harapan small shoulder bag in dark blue/cream, Saku pouches in black/cream, dark blue/black, brown/cream 6. Peg Kelley (and her mom): Harapan large shoulder bag in burgundy/cream 7. Kellie Parham: Sehat handbag in burgundy/cream 8. Terri Vadenais: Harapan large shoulder bag in dark blue/cream and matching Uang zip small wallet 9. Katherine Roden: Damai handbag in black/pink/white 10. Adele Scott and her staff/family: Pintar cross body in black/cream, Uang zip small wallet in dark blue/black, Tenang shoulder bag in black/grey 11. Sally Payne: Ria Plus cross body in black/brown, Uang small fold wallet in black/batik and Robin Bunch: Ria Plus cross body in black/brown, Eyeglass case in black/batik 12. Tracy Batryn: Pagi large shoulder bag in brown/red/cream

Thank you to ALL of you ladies who so graciously humored me by letting me take your picture (there were SO many more that I couldn’t include here) – we certainly do appreciate ALL of your loyalty, support and friendship!  It has been such a blessing to be here and to meet all of you and to have the opportunity to share our Laga Story with you!! A very special thanks to Janet-Lee Santeusanio and Mary Schilke and the entire MQX staff/volunteers for all of their hard work on making this show a great success for everyone!

We’ve already packed up and are already on our way to our next show:

AQS QuiltWeek Paducah
Schroeder Expo Center
Laga Handbags Booth #1109
415 Park Street
Paducah, KY

We hope to see you there!

PS: Please post on Facebook and Instagram about how much you love your Laga Handbags and Accessories! It would mean the world to us!





As we do every year, we hold a Mother’s Day campaign of special savings. Usually we do this in the month of May. However, this year we have decided to do this in April! So…

TOMORROW April 17th we will BEGIN our Mother’s Day Campaign!

APRIL 17-23

you can expect to SAVE for Mother’s Day!

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If you reside in or near the Southern California area, please feel free to visit our Showroom!

Stand by for more details!

Fun Fact:
The total number of steps in the Eiffel Tower are 1665



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